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The Prison Escape Challenge MINICRAFT MAP DOWNLOAD!!

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The Prison Escape Challenge MINICRAFT MAP DOWNLOAD!!

Mensagem  Fly5 em Seg Set 16, 2013 9:18 am

The Prison Escape Challenge MINICRAFT MAP DOWNLOAD!!

Test your will power and abilities through this awesome challenge. Up to 3 alternative endings, 10 hidden diamonds and a single path to freedom... escape. From the Creator of "Containment" and "Cryptic Parkour" you are brought a whole new world of challenge. How will you escape?

This map is all about using your mind, yet this is no puzzler map. Use your wit and skill to navigate through the prison and find the way out!

For the best experience use the "Isabella" resource pack! Very Happy

As always, I will like and subscribe every let's player who does this map i find (:


-To start, you may only break clay and craft anything you want.

-To break more things you must find a tool and get permission to break the block.

-Play on peaceful.

-Play SOLO, Multiplayer will most likely not work to start. If you really wish, Go on the Map solo and get the COORDS to the map start (:


-Escape The Prison 10 Kudos

-Find A Diamond 5 Kudos

-Locate all 3 Tools 15 Kudos

-Find 5 Diamonds 20 Kudos

-Locate 2/3 Alternative Endings 25 Kudos

-Locate all 10 Diamonds 50 Kudos

-Find all 3 Alternative Endings 35 Kudos

Total: 160 Kudos

I hope you enjoy the map. If you want more adventure map quality, be sure to check out some of my previous maps (: As always, post your responses on what you'd like to see next. Until then.

DOWNLOAD: adf.ly/Vpx48

1. Wait 5 second
2. Click SKIP AD


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